Symbiotic Partnerships Inc. Ecofund

Symbiotic Partnerships is committed to improving the world we live in.  As the company name infers... living harmoniously in a natural world. The Symbiotic Ecofund focuses on donating funds to existing charities that rebuild, preserve, and enhance symbiotic relationships in nature. This could include coral reefs, tropical rain forests, boreal forests, prairie grasslands, indigenous native peoples communities, and other ecosystems that support declining wildlife; all of which are currently under threat of destruction and decline. The overriding theme is to improve threatened ecosystems that negatively effective our water, air and land so that it will continue to sustain a vibrant natural community.

The various Symbiotic companies set aside up to 10% of their net profits annually. These funds are transferred to the Symbiotic Ecofund and held there In Trust. The staff of the Ecofund investigate and analyze various charities that fit into the above noted profile. Each year they make recommendations to the Managing Directors of the various Symbiotic companies, as to which charities they suggest the funds be invested. The Managing Directors approve the allocation of funds each year, after review of the staff's recommendations and discussion.

For the calendar year 2018 the selection committee selected it's charity recipient. They again selected Ontario Nature's Youth Summit to donate to. This charity best reflects the philosophies of our Symbiotic Ecofund this year.

On behalf of the Symbiotic Partnerships Inc. selection committee, congratulations to the 2018 selected charity. Please see the link to the letters from our sponsored youths:

Letters from Whitney and Emily

2018 Youth Summit.png

In the years to come, charities that were not selected in the past will be thrown back into the hat. In addition, any charity that does not receive a contribution, may receive additional contributions in the future. Being selected in any one year, does not necessarily exclude the charity from being selected again.

2017 Selected Charity:

Ontario Nature’s Youth Summit

Please see the link to the correspondence on the Ontario Youth Summit below:

Ontario Youth Summit Correspondence

youth Summit Picture.jpg

2016 Selected Charities:

World Wildlife Fund Canada
Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project
Albany's Angels Hurricane Relief Fund

2015 Selected Charities

Ontario Nature
Young Marine Explorers

2014 Selected Charities:

Pacific Wild
Ontario Nature
David Suzuki Foundation

2013 Selected Charities:

Wild Aid 
Mission Blue
Rainforest Alliance
Wildlands League

Below are the links to a few letters we have received:

Ontario Nature                                                                                                                                                                         Rainforest Alliance                                                                                                                                                                   Young Marine Explorers

Symbiotic Partners (2011) Inc. Eco/Social Fund

The Symbiotic Partners Eco/Social Fund focuses on donating funds to existing charities that rebuild, preserve, and enhance symbiotic relationships in nature, as well as those that deliver aid to the most at-risk groups of people among us. This could include non-profits that rebuild coral reefs and tropical rain forests, or those that help disadvantaged youth reach their full potential. The overriding theme is to help improve the conditions of threatened ecosystems and groups of people, to ultimately sustain a vibrant natural and social community.

2015 Selected Charities:

Rainforest Alliance

2014 Selected Charities:

Nature Conservancy of Canada
World Wildlife Fund Canada
Green Peace Canada
Ability Online
Big Brother Big Sister